Wood WorX T-Rex Project

Sharpen your wood working skills as you get your teeth into this Dinosaur project! This clever kit from Wood WorX has everything inside the box so kids can hone their D.I.Y. skills as they learn to build, paint and decorate, ready to play when the job is done. The set includes 23 pre-cut pieces of wood that are ready for assembly, 1 tube of glue, 5 paint pots, 1 double-ended paintbrush and 1 sticker sheet. Simple illustrated instructions help your skills evolve, colorful paints breathe life into your creature and stickers (including scary teeth) bring the beast to life. With an articulated head and jaws that open and close, there are hours of play ahead. Just one of the Wood WorX range of kits made of quality woods from renewable ethical sources. Recommended for ages 5-7 with help, 8-12 for independent play. No batteries required.

  • Build, paint and decorate using real wood with the T-Rex Dinosaur Project from Wood WorX
  • Includes everything you need – parts, glue, paint and stickers – for a toy with moving parts
  • Simple step-by-step instructions develop children’s D.I.Y. skills with an amazing end result
  • Part of the extensive Make-Paint-Stick-Play range of toys by Wood WorX – collect them all
  • Made from quality FSC-certified wood – includes 23 Wooden Pieces, 5 Paint Pots, 1 Tube of Glue, 1 Double Ended Paintbrush, 1 Sticker Sheet, and Complete Instructions – batteries not required
  • Recommended for ages 5-7 with help, 8-12 for independent play


  • 23 Wooden Pieces
  • 5 Paint Pots
  • 1 Tube of Glue
  • 1 Double Ended Brush
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • Complete Instructions

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