Adi & Margreeth Golad founded Goliath in 1980 when they began selling the original Rummikub game out of their truck.

From timeless classics like Sequence & Rummikub to thrilling & magical kids games like Shark Bite & Gator Golf, Goliath’s mission is to bring people together through play.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1980

Where it all began…

Goliath Games was founded in 1980 by Adi & Margreeth Golad. What was once a one-man company with a single product offering, over the last 40+ years Goliath has grown to become a leading global manufacturer with employees in over a dozen countries around the world.

The game that changed everything

Adi and Margreeth fell in love during a game of Rummikub, with the Israeli desert in the background. Shortly after their meeting, Margreeth shared the game with her family back home in the Netherlands, who could not get enough. The two dropped everything and followed the calling that changed their lives.

… and the rest is history!

Having found his passion, Adi quit his career as a mechanical engineer, married the love of his life Margreeth, and traded in his car for 500 units of Rummikub to sell on the streets of the Netherlands. Despite challenges along the way, Adi & Margreeth built Rummikub into the iconic, multi-generational classic that it is today. The game became so popular that it set the world record as the most number of games played per capita in a single year. Goliath & Rummikub still hold this record today!

Serving over 1.5 billion customers

Their extensive efforts formed the foundation for the organization as it stands today, serving over 1.5 billion consumers with the help of retail customers & distributors around the globe.

Our Mission: Clever Together

We believe in creating brands and products that encourage moments of togetherness through play. Whether you’re gathered in the living room with your family over a round of Rummikub, or huddled in the school playground with friends trading collectibles, our games & toys are designed to create community and connection that leave lasting memories.

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