Weird Flex… But Okay

Do you use the same birdseed as the San Diego Zoo? Maybe it’s never rained on your birthday? Or you’ve had FOUR different therapists tell you you’re “unbelievable.” Get ready to overshare in this fun, new party game where weird is king. One player reads a Situation Card and everyone else responds with the weirdest flex in their hand. Use your vote tokens to select the favorite. And no, you can’t vote for yourself – have some humility! Gameplay works great with large crowds, so it’s perfect for your next game night. Plus, with 100 Situations and 300 Weird Flex cards, no two games are ever alike. So let your freak flag fly and brag away! Warning: extreme instances of laughter may cause delay of game! Recommended for 3-20 players, ages 14 and up.

  • Bring your biggest brags to game night!
  • Use your cards to respond to situations with the weirdest flex in your hand
  • Everyone gets to vote on their favorite and the winner gets to keep the card
  • Includes loads of content with 400 ridiculously funny situations and responses
  • Recommended for 3-20 players, ages 14 and up


  • 100 Situation Cards
  • 300 Weird Flex Cards
  • 20 Flex Vote Tokens
  • Complete Instructions

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Number of players

3 – 20


20-40 mins


Weird Flex


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