Skid Markz

Scoot, the skid-marking dog, is making a mess all over the floor! But are those scribbles crafting a clue? Use the silly scootin’ pup to draw out clues that will help your friends guess your word. First draw a Bone card to get your secret word, but not so fast — you have to roll the challenge die for an extra tricky twist! Can you draw spaghetti with your eyes closed? How about a lizard upside-down? Scribble and guess the most drawings to win in this messy, guessy drawing game! For 3-9 players, ages 6 and up.

  • Use the silly scootin’ pup to draw out clues
  • Mix up the game with tricky drawing challenges!
  • Includes a Dry-Erase Board for endless play
  • Cards contain 400 Doodle Words
  • For 3-9 players, ages 6 and up


  • 1 Scoot the Dog with Leash Attachment
  • 1 Dry-Erase Drawing Board
  • 2 Dry-Erase Markers
  • 1 Challenge Die
  • 100 Bone Cards with 400 Doodle Words
  • 36 Poo Point Cards
  • Complete Instructions

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Number of players

3 – 9


20-40 mins


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