Finding Nessie

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Put your diving skills to the test as you explore the lake for Nessie! On your turn, you’ll get a chance to peek through the waters, but things aren’t always what they seem. Was that a tail or just a trick of the eye? Or might it be the rare lucky fish? Be the first to piece together the photograph of Nessie and make the discovery of the century!


  • 1 Lakebed
  • 1 Lake Surface with 17 Lake Areas
  • 17 Lake Lids with Peepholes
  • 68 Round Tokens (12 Nessie Pieces, 6 Underwater Creatures, 4 Lucky Fish, 46 with Small Fish, Plants, Shells, or Bubbles)
  • 4 Camera Tiles (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)
  • 24 Square Tokens
  • 4 Divers (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)
  • Complete Instructions

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