Build a Bot Colour & Create Medium Bumblebee

Build your very own working robotic pet! Using easy Click ‘n’ Create assembly steps, there’s no glue, so you can take your finished toy apart and start over again. Just follow the step-by-step Learning Guide. A see-through shell means you can see inside: all the moving parts you put together bring your bot to life as it crawls along waving its wings. This Bumblebee set is made up of 25 pieces along with colorful gems you can apply and stickers you can color in to personalize your pet. The set includes 3 markers and batteries, so you’re good to go! There are two Bugs to collect: leave off the wings and connect to form a caterpillar! Brings S.T.E.A.M. learning to life (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). Recommended for ages 4-7 with help, 8-12 for independent play.

  • Assemble and personalize your very own robotic pet with Build a Bot from Goliath
  • Click ‘n’ Create: Motorized 25-piece Bumblebee crawls and flaps its wings – batteries included!
  • Customize with gems and color in the wings with the 3 markers provided
  • Collect them all: Butterfly and Bumblebee, part of the wider range of Build a Bot sets
  • Makes S.T.E.A.M. learning fun – Recommended for ages 4-7 with help, 8-12 for independent play
  • Includes 23 Build a Bot Pieces, 1 Color-In Sticker Sheet​, 1 Rainbow Eyes Sticker Sheet, 1 Learning Guide, 1 Build Certificate, 3 Markers, Sticky Dots, 2 Plastic Wings, and Rhinestones


  • 23 Build a Bot Pieces
  • 1 Color-In Sticker Sheet​
  • 1 Rainbow Eyes Sticker Sheet
  • 1 Learning Guide
  • 1 Build Certificate
  • 3 Markers
  • Sticky Dots
  • 2 Plastic Wings
  • Rhinestones

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Build a Bot


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