Paint-Sation Single Refills


Get ready to create with Paint-Sation! Simply touch your brush along the specially-designed bristles, and you’re ready to paint! But if you turn the pod upside-down, the paint won’t drip out! Moms and kids will agree – this paint is Paintsation-al! Use Paint-Sation Single Refills with Paint-Sation Easel or Paint-Sation On-The-Go.

Paint-Sation Single Refills:
Available Colors: Orange, Red, Purple, White, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue, Pink

• Paint won’t spill out – even if it is turned upside down or dropped!
• Touch any brush to the bristles to transfer paint without splatter
• Each color has its own pod, which snap together for easy storage
• Use this pod on its own, or with the Paint-Sation easel!

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  • Age
    3 Year and older
  • Number of players:
    1 - 4

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