Domino Rally Epic Loop


Line them up and watch them tumble! Domino Rally® is a great activity that improves fine motor skills, planning skills, and imagination, as kids design their own set-ups in this open-ended activity. This classic domino race set is an adventure that never ends, but it’s also an engineering activity that’s a great fit with STEM and STEAM, and a lot more fun than normal domino sets. The Domino Rally® Epic Loop pack includes 50 multi-colored dominoes for kids, 38 specially-crafted speed dominoes that fall at a lightning pace, four custom domino tracks, and one spectacular loop-de-loop. These domino sets are sold in Europe and Canada under the name Domino Express®. For 1 or more players, ages 6 and up.

Game Includes:

  • 50 multi-colored dominoes
  • 38 specially-crafted speed dominoes
  • 4 custom domino tracks
  • Loop-de-loop
  • Complete instructions


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  • Age
    6 Year and older
  • Number of players:
    1 - 5

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