Burger Party

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It’s the fast-paced, burger-building card game! Quickly slap the toy burger whenever you see matching cards to claim your ingredients, but watch out – they can be revealed when you least expect it! Snatch a special card to use against your friends. Toss in some strategy and a little luck, and you’ll build a burger that’s well done for the win!

  • Fast-paced, gameplay keeps everyone involved
  • Unique plastic burger squeaks when you hit it


  • 1 Burger/Card Holder
  • 105 Ingredient Cards (15 Lettuce, 15 Tomatoes, 15 Cheeses, 11 Pickles, 11 Ketchup, 11 Onions, 11 Meat Patties, 8 Mayonnaise, and 8 Mushrooms)
  • 5 “Half-Eaten” Bun Cards
  • Complete Instructions


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