Goliath® Acquires North American Rights to Quill On™

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Brooke Schwartzman
Public Relations Manager

Goliath® Acquires North American Rights to Quill On™

NEW YORK, NY – February 17, 2018 – Goliath announces its recent North American distribution agreement with Quill On, an innovative creative play system based on the paper quilling technique. Quill On has made headway in India as it introduced the world’s first automated multi-function quilling tool. “We are excited to add another brand to our must-have portfolio of arts and crafts brands,” said David Norman, President of Goliath Games, LLC.

Quill On is the fastest and easiest way to quill with its patented Super Quiller. This device allows artists to create a coil in a matter of seconds. This innovative new quilling tool features a set of attachments that allow crafters to enhance their masterpieces by crimping and even creating beads to make beautiful jewelry.
The quilling strips are designed to be user-friendly for all ages with peel-and-stick adhesive ends. No more messy glue! This new line allows kids to create anything they desire from stationary to 3D works of art. The possibilities are endless!

About Goliath
Goliath® was founded in 1980 and is one of the few remaining family-owned global toy and game companies. Goliath Games is an international manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of products. Examples include Rummikub®, Rubik’s Cube®, Tri-Ominos®, Wordsearch™, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gooey Looey™ and Catch the Fox™.

The company has continued to see substantial growth with the acquisitions of Pressman Toy® and JAX® in the US, Crown & Andrews® in Australia, Modelco® in France, and Elephanta® in New Zealand. According to industry reports, Goliath Games is the third largest game manufacturer in North America and is one of the world’s fastest growing independent toy companies. Goliath Games is a market leader in TV-promoted games and is active in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties. Goliath products now sell in more than 75 countries worldwide and the company has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. For more information, please visit www.goliathgames.com



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