Doggie Doo FAQs

  • How do I feed the Doggie in the Original Doggie Doo game properly?

    • Measure out the correct amount of food using the cookie cutter bowl.
    • Feed the Doggie the correct amount of food.
    • Push the bone in the Doggie’s mouth as far as it will go, and leave it in while playing.
    • Pump the leash handle QUICKLY and FIRMLY.
  • Where can I buy more Doggie Doo food in the US?

    To purchase more Doggie Doo Food, please visit our Service Webshop at

  • How much food do I feed the Doggie in the Original Doggie Doo game?

    Feed him one ‘treat’ at a time. Do not feed him again until that first treat has gone all the way through the Doggie.

  • What happens if I feed Original Doggie Doo more than two treats?

    If you feed him more than two treats, the food will most likely get stuck in the dog. If the treat is still stuck, try blowing into the dog’s mouth. If this doesn’t dislodge the stuck treat, then rinse with warm water. Wait until the dog is completely dry before playing again.

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