Unsolved Case Files Unveiled at International Toy Fair

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RICHARDSON, TX – FEBRUARY 11, 2019: Goliath is showcasing Unsolved Case Files, the cold case mystery game, at Toy Fair New York at the Javits Center from February 22-25.

Unsolved Case Files was founded by John Carroll and Lou Wilson. True crime is trending, and Goliath is proud to be partnered with the first innovators to take the lead on incorporating true crime into the world of traditional tabletop. In turn, shaking up the industry.

Press and members of the media are invited to tour Goliath’s booth, #623, for a firsthand look at what’s trending in the board game industry. Recordings and photos are highly encouraged.

Unsolved Case Files launched on Amazon in November 2018 and quickly became a viral sensation. Players take on the role of amateur detectives as they work to find clues and put together evidence to solve a murder and ultimately convict the killer.

The game is brought to life with realistic components, such as newspaper articles, crime scene photographs, evidence, interrogations, statements, and more.

The online companion site works to guide players through the game with carefully cultivated hints and revealing the answers when players have cracked the case.

“We’ve really got something special here, and people are able to totally immerse themselves into the true crime sleuthing experience,” said David Norman, President of Goliath.

“It’s more than just a puzzle. It’s about observation skills and using logic to deduce the identity of the killer. You might solve it in a night, or it might take you a week – there’s no wrong way to play.”

Goliath’s booth will be open to press and members of the media for appointments, interviews, and an exclusive look at Unsolved Case Files.

Contact Goliath’s PR team to schedule.


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