Social responsibility

Internal – Relating to our employees
Goliath holds offices in multiple countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hong Kong ,Poland and Australia).
Because (legal) employment regulations and cultural practices differ per country, we provide our country directors the autonomy in managing their HR policy according to local/national law and their own vision (and thereby allowing local cultural practices to resonate through their policy).

Despite the cultural differences, in general we consider our employees as one of the most, if not the most essential stakeholders of Goliath. Accordingly, we cherish an open (door), informal culture. Moreover, all employees are always welcome to propose solutions or innovative ideas. These ideas may concern product and process developments, or any suggestion for improving the work context. We value employees’ individual initiative-taking and collaborative attitude.

External – Relating to our (‘glocal’) community
Currently Goliath is in the process of evaluating an active community involvement program. We like to be involved in the well-being of local (educational) institutes. We like to partner up with institutes and organizations that mainly pertain to the needs of children and/or parents with children. Among others, such partnerships allow us to make children co-creators of our design and development cycle. Besides, we also like to partner up with higher local educational institutes, for instance through offering local students internships.
In general, we take our partners seriously and expect them to be willing to invest in a long-term relationship. This furthermore implies that our partners carry stable leadership/board (having a clear vision and (financial) plan).


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