Enjoying our products confidently

Creating enjoyment together

Our toys and games exist to facilitate physical social interactions: they bring people to be ‘Clever Together’. Such (physically) proximate interaction takes place when for instance children play together with ‘Pop the Pig’, when adults compete in a game of ‘Triominos’, or when grandma plays ‘Rummikub’with her grandson.

In today’s fast-moving digitalized and individualized society people easily become socially detached and estranged. Growing up in modern society, it is especially essential for children to interact with others in (physical) proximity. Among others, through interactions people (and children) learn a wide variety of invaluable human skills. Some examples include empathy, capacity of reading someone’s body language, strategic thinking, counting, motor skills, coordination, and many more.

Our toys and games facilitate moments of ‘Clever Together’: they draw people back to the table for a social interaction. In the development of our game concepts, we therefore aim to strike the right balance on developing an intriguing game play: a game that is not too challenging – yet not too dull. This is because having fun, interacting with your competitor (or collaborator) and looking him/her into the eyes is at heart here: our toys and games are a platform of having fun while being ‘Clever together’.

Henceforth we are very critical in our selection of toys and games. We meet many inventors world-wide to see their ideas and select a few to develop into Goliath items. We highly cherish our inventors and take their concerns into consideration in our critical product development cycle. Our webpage ‘The toys and games we believe in’ describes our criteria for selecting toys and games

Qualitative and safe products
Besides high conceptual quality norms, we uphold high technical quality standards. We render it essential that kids and parents are confident users of our toys and games. As such, we critically monitor potential safety and quality issues during each step in the development cycle. We filter out ideas or inventions that do not match our norms for product quality and safety.
Before a toy or game goes into production, we run various (in- and external) risk analyses and tests. Once we’ve mapped out essential safety and quality features, we test the item and its components at assessment laboratories, that will certify the item’s safety and quality matters. The monitoring of safety and quality matters is a continuous process: our QA/QC-teams, as well as independent 3rd party laboratories, constantly monitor production batches on safety and quality issues throughout the product life cycle.

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